Online Screenshot - Free Online Web Screnshot Tool

Online Screenshot is a free online web screenshot tool, that allows you take high quality web screenshots, while using many options.

You can emulate various devices, such as tablets and smartphones, choose between different operation systems, browsers, and predefined resolutions.

In Advanced Options, you may select proxy servers, or use a custom one, you can even set a custom cookies for each request.

Every web screenshot can be rendered and saved in PNG, JPEG or even PDF format.

The Url Address

A valid URL address, must begin with HTTP or HTTPS protocol, followed by valid domain name and extension.

A good example is https://google.com

Using The 'Custom Device' Option

If you choose to use this option, you must enter a valid browser User-Agent string.

Using this optiom, you can identify as any device you want.

Web Screenshot With Proxy Servers

Please Note, proxy servers are not reliable.Using a proxy server may increase significantly the page loading time, or even might not load at all.

You can select one of the predefined servers, or you can enter a custom one.

Custom Proxy servers must be entered as ip address followed by colon followed by port number.For example:

Screenshot Delay

Delay (in seconds) after the screenshot will be taken.Browser will open the page, then will wait for x seconds before the screenshot is captured.

Useful for AJAX based websites, or pages that loads slower.

Using The 'Set Cookies' Option

If this option is selected, you must enter the cookies in a valid JSON string format.

The build in JSON editor will help you out.